My Spill

Who the heck am I.. you might ask? Well, I am glad you asked. Flattered.. to be honest. Since you are asking the question, which I think you are?.. since you’re on my about page (although I’m calling it a “My Spill” page)! I won’t bore you to death about who I am or what this blog is all about blah blah blah. Instead I’m keeping it nice short and sweet. Ready? Well keep reading and scroll down a bit duh!

As you might of guessed, the initials to my name is DW. It stands for David Wolburry. I am just an ordinary, laid back person who simply love to travel! I have travelled pretty much every corner of the world. You name the country and I am very sure that I have been there. In fact, I love travelling so much that I’ve decided to publish this blog diary of mine to share my personal travelling experiences with the world! I’m going to be honest, I am not the best writer in the world.. nor I claim to be one! So if you happen to stumble on to my site, just read it.. with a pinch of salt, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading my travelling stories that I am sharing with you. Read it.. appreciate it.. and share it! That is all I ask for.. nothing more.. nothing less!