Bright and Sunny in Perth, Australia

Arguably the world’s most isolated city… Perth. I visited this city in January earlier this year. It was summer during my visit, so if you ask about the weather, there’s only one word to describe it.. hot! In fact, very hot! Lucky enough to know someone in Perth. I stayed at his house in a suburb called Mindarie. It was walking distance to the beach. So that was pretty cool. My friend’s name was Mike and he had a beautiful house. One particular feature of his house that stood out was the “cool to walk” liquid limestone paving done by Stylish Outdoor Solutions. For those who don’t know what liquid limestone is, you should check it out. Definitely the first time I’ve seen this type of paving, not very known from where I came from. At least it made the hot weather a little bit more bearable.

Spent exactly 6 days in Perth. The highlight was the beach visits (at least three times in the week whilst I was over there!) It was absolutely wonderful experience. The beach in Perth is definitely different to what I am used to. Pure white sand and a nice overlapping crystal blue waves. I was going to post a photo I took, but you know what? I won’t for this post! I will try to describe it in words. Imagine yourself lying on your back at the beach… lifting your head up ever so slightly you gaze into the sea. The shimmering reflection of the sun on the gentle blue waves.. gives you a sense of escape. The salty smell and aroma coming directly from the sea.. close your eyes and think of your happy place! There you go, this is how I would describe the place.

A visit to the city shops mid week saw me walked about 10km.. well it felt that way! The city layout was somewhat typical I thought of other cities around the world. Except I thought the big advantage Pert has over other cities is the relatively flat landscape. Price of goods I thought was very fair. Not too expensive.

Came Saturday, I was back on the plane to go home. Perth.. ticked on my list! Have you?

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